Creating the best version of yourself

inside & out.

Karina xox

Hi, my name is Karina.

I am a fitness professional, nutritionist, yogi & meditation devotee. I am a lifestyle mentor & a health coach for those who are ready to make significant progress in their life, whatever their goals may be.

It’s not about having a perfect body or a perfect diet. It’s about finding an achievable, sustainable balance for you, from the inside out. It’s about creating the life you want:  the strength and balance of mind and body.

I know how that sounds – like something you’d hear from an enigmatic leader setting up a commune in the mountains. That’s not what I’m doing here (though I do love the mountains). What I’m doing here is this: helping to guide you toward a healthy, fit whole lifestyle. I offer nutritional guidance to improve your physical health, fitness training to help build your body’s strength and endurance, and yoga classes and meditation guidance, to help you strengthen your mind and your muscles.  

Whether you come from an inactive couch lifestyle or are ready to advance your fitness and nutritional abilities, I can help you build the best version of you.


Helping to guide you toward a healthy, fit whole lifestyle.


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is a fitness retreat that will reboot, rejuvenate and maybe even reinvent your life! From daily fitness classes, yoga & 5K runs on the beach to paddle boarding, surfing and hiking, our exclusive fitness retreat has something for everyone.


WHERE: Tulum Mexico
WHEN: Feb 3, 2017-Feb 10, 2017